Creating that outdoor space!

Now that our Florida weather is cooling, great time to think about designing your Outside space. No matter what size, some simple touches, can transform the space, for everyones enjoyment.
When thinking about the Design, determine what you will be using the space for, is it the spot to grab a great book and read, or the place where the outdoor entertainment will be? Hone in on whats important, and create around that special chair, or could be the table area.
Determine Color, think of it  as the extension to your home, and outdoor area rug always gives a homey feel. Choose colors that Wow the space, bright pillows are worth a thousand words...add laterns and candles for the special ambiance!
When Furnishing, there are so many choices, pieces do not have to match, mix and match is so much more  appealing. Living in Florida, important to make sure you have plenty of Shade areas, by the use of umbrella's, pergolas,
shade trees, especially at your table area's.
Add Accesories! by the use of laterns, candles, light strings, battery operated candles, dont forget the use of Pots and Plants!!! for color and scent, now just Enjoy!!

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