Vacation at Home!

Staying Home is the way to go! We have beautiful beaches right here in our own backyard. I believe traveling outside of the country right now, may not be the best decision. I know the resorts are beautiful, but it's getting there and the area surrounding those resorts can be quite disheartening. We traveled to Mexico several years ago to a highly rated resort, and yes, while it was beautiful, I would not want to leave the area. With all the reports lately regarding people gone missing, being brutally assaulted, and dying from unknown food or drink, why take chances with your loved ones.

Beaches to visit...of Course the infamous Siesta Key Beach, stretching for miles of white sand,  much expansion has been done there recently, rent picnic spots for those special occasions, close to Siesta Key Village, restaurants, bars, music, where the fun never ends, get there early!  Caspersen Beach, South of Harbour Drive, it runs 1.5 miles, ranked one of the top beaches, and has Free Parking! Get there early; it seems the secret is out!  South Brohard Beach and Paw Park, Yes! the doggie beach, offering a fenced in playpark, and leash-free sand beach, just for those fur babies...Venice Beach, drive down Harbor Drive and you're at the beach! where there is a restaurant, concession and restrooms, so all the amenities to enjoy the day!  The North Jetty Beach,  I recently met some friends there, and what a great private spot to enjoy, they also have a concession, for some great eats! also a great spot for launching kayaks; you may also see a dolphin or two!! I could go on and on, but I believe you will certainly get the most bang for your buck by staying right here in the fabulous state of Florida, where the sun always shines!!!

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